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Should we put leftist politics and gender ideology ahead of children’s health? Should we allow the LGBT lobby to set the agenda for our kids? That is exactly what the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) is doing in their recently released guidelines on “gender identity” in children.

UPDATE: May 18th, 2018

We recently heard back from Doug Ford regarding our petition. (See below).

While we are heartened to see Mr. Ford standing firm in his commitment to scrap the Wynne-Levin sex ed curriculum, we are saddened by his continued rejection of Tanya. We do not believe he gave her a fair shake.

The annual national March for Life is set for Thursday, May 10th, 2018 in Ottawa. We are expecting thousands to attend this historic event to take a stand for human rights for all human beings - from conception to natural death.

Imagine a country where those who call for fairness are punished. Imagine a land where you are publicly shamed if you ask that everyone’s rights be respected. Well imagine no more, for this is Justin Trudeau’s Canada!

Goodbye freedom of speech in Alberta! With the imminent passage of Bill 9 under Rachel Notley and her NDP government, Alberta is clamouring to join the ranks of BC, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland in imposing new draconian restrictions on its citizenry.

Is there no end to the absurdities of Justin Trudeau’s government and its new gender ideology? Well, apparently not, according to Service Canada. Here is what they said in a couple of tweets on March 21st:

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UPDATE: March 16th, 2018

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of our pro-life and free speech hero, Mr. Cyril Winter. He died last week following heart-related surgery. Unfortunately, he will not get his day in court here on this earth.

Intolerance to Christianity is growing. Intolerance to truth is growing. And one of the surprising new seedbeds of this intolerance is government-funded colleges and universities. These institutions are supposed to be bastions of free speech, open debate, and civil discourse.

When it comes to healthcare, no one wants second-best. We want the best medicine, the best technology, and the best doctors, who have our best interests at heart! No one wants a doctor with shady morals or questionable ethics. No one wants a doctor we can’t trust!

“O Canada” is our national anthem. That means it is the song of the people of Canada. We are proud of our anthem, because we are proud of this great Dominion. But now a group of liberal politicians have decided to emasculate our anthem. With the recent passing of Bill C-210 in the Senate, the “official” lyrics will be changed.

How would you like to be forced to watch a 45 minute government lecture? Is this some new type of punishment for criminals? Well, if you are a parent in Ontario, this may be what you are in store for!