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Pod koniec stycznia Turcja rozpoczęła inwazję na miasto Afrin w północno-zachodniej Syrii, chcąc zlikwidować samorządność ludów kurdyjskich, arabskich, syryjsko-asyryjskich i turkmeńskich w Federacji Północnej Syrii oraz zniszczyć Syryjskie Siły Demokratyczne (SDF).

W Afrinie zginęła niewinna ludność cywilna.

There are certain truths about a person that cannot be changed – the clearest example is biological sex. God, in his divine wisdom, created human beings male and female and bestows on each of us our sex. Sex is determined, like other biological traits, from the moment of conception and it cannot be altered.

Abortion, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of babies each year, must be stopped in our lifetime. This is not an issue that can wait or be ignored. Fortunately, there’s now an effort in South Carolina that would effectively ban nearly all abortion in the Palmetto State.

Each year in Florida, 2,800 babies are barbarically ripped apart within their mothers’ wombs through the practice of dismemberment abortion. The fact that this practice is legal in modern America should make our blood boil. A mother’s womb should be the safest place for her baby, but thousands of babies each year are killed through this barbarous practice.

Depuis le 20 janvier 2018, la Turquie a commencé à envahir le nord-ouest de la Syrie afin de détruire l’autonomie des peuples kurdes, arabes, syriaques et assyriens vivant dans le nord de la Syrie.

Bermuda just became the first country in the world to abolish same-sex marriage, one year after it was legalized.

The Government of Bermuda has affirmed that natural marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Bermuda Gov. John Rankin signed a bill into law reversing an earlier Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. 

S obzirom na to kako je Ž. Zovko (HDZ) glasovala ZA ratifikaciju Istanbulske konvencije u Europskom parlamentu, CitizenGO je povodom njezine nove izjave kako ne smatra da se u Konvenciji radi o rodnoj ideologiji odlučio peticijom doprinijeti boljoj informiranosti zastupnice Zovko i šire javnosti o opasnostima koje Istanbulska konvencija donosi. Naime, Istanbulska konvencija instrumentaliza borbu protiv nasilja nad ženama u svrhu nametanja rodne ideologije. Zastupnica Zovko je u EU parlament ušla kao zamjena za Davora Ivu Stiera. Glasajući ZA Istanbulsku konvenciju u EU parlamentu, kao i Dubravka Šuica (HDZ), izdala je povjerenje glasača jer se HDZ prije izbora 2016. izjasnio protiv svake, pa i rodne ideologije.

« Je ne reconnais plus le MRJC comme un mouvement de l’Église catholique et, comme évêque, je ne lui donnerai aucune aide financière ou matérielle. Quant à lui laisser former des jeunes, je ne m’y risquerai pas. »

lfie Evans boluje od nepoznate bolesti, a nakon što je dječja bolnica Alder Hey u Liverpoolu od suda zatražila dozvolu da dječaka isključe s aparata, roditelji su zatražili druga medicinska mišljenja te prikupili sredstva za prebacivanje dječaka u bolnicu koja bi ga željela primiti na daljnju medicinsku obradu i liječenje.

Međutim dječja bolnica Alder Hey ne dozvoljala roditeljima prijevoz djeteta u drugu bolnicu!

In modern America, we are blessed by an incredibly fast emergency response system. If an individual has a heart attack, 911 can be notified, and within just minutes paramedics are on the scene to rescue the person whose heart is failing them.

Many on the left have turned sex and sexual identity into a kind of god. According to this dogmatic religion of self-expression—there must be complete acceptance and conformity. Never mind First Amendment protections –everyone must be required not only to tolerate all forms of sexuality but to celebrate them.

A founding principal in America is that all people are created equal and our endowed by our Creator with certain rights –life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, the history of our nation is stained with instances in which these basic rights were not upheld for all people.

We were told that the LGBT agenda was all about tolerance.  “Support gay rights, they will never affect you or your churches.  Gay rights are all about love and tolerance.”  But once same-sex marriage became legal everywhere and “gay rights” became ubiquitous, LGBT activities have not stopped there—happy to be tolerated and to tolerate others’ viewpoints.  No, now activists on the Left are cont

We are appealing to the pharmaceutical company MSD Vaccins – the Marketing Authorisation Holder in the European Union of the M-M-RvaxPro vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella – for an alternative ethical vaccine.

Depuis le mois de janvier, les forces de l’ordre tirent à balles réelles sur des paroisses, des fidèles catholiques

Abortion is a grave evil in our society. It’s critical that we fight on all fronts to empower women and protect vulnerable, unborn babies. There are many means by which we can accomplish this goal, but it’s no secret that fighting against Planned Parenthood is high on the list.

Women’s Aid, a federation which oversees over 300 women’s only shelters and refuges are now reviewing their hiring policies to reconsider whether they should hire men who identify as women.

The graphic same-sex images displayed in Toronto's subway system are shocking and repulsive. Children should not be exposed to such images and they should be removed immediately.

The graphic same-sex images displayed in Toronto's subway system are shocking and repulsive. Children should not be exposed to such images and they should be removed immediately.

The Missouri House will soon vote on a HB 1383 which would require that both parents be notified if their child is seeking an abortion. Although we must always work towards completely outlawing any abortions in our country, any restriction is a step in the right direction to save lives!