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The government of Malawi has for some time now prepared to  table a Termination of Pregnancy Bill to "reform" the already present abortion law in a bid to legalise massive murder of Malawian babies. This evil law only needs the approval of Malawi parliament for it to be adopted.

Comprehensive Sex Education is a highly controversial, “rights-based” approach to sex education that encompasses a great deal more than just teaching children and youth about sexual intercourse and human reproduction. Developed in the West, primarily in the United States, CSE is now being implemented in most countries around the world.

Há algumas semanas, o mundo ficou chocado com a divulgação da notícia de que a escravidão ainda é uma prática comum na Líbia e em outros países do Oriente Médio e do Oriente Próximo. Segundo a reportagem da CNN, por até 800 dólares é possível “comprar” um homem ou uma mulher.

A few days ago, the whole world was thrilled by the discovery of a report by the American channel CNN, a report taken up by all the international media. It was discovered with astonishment that slavery was a common practice in Libya and other countries in the Near and Middle East. We learned that for 800 Dollars, some could "afford" a man or a woman ...

Prince William has recently made remarks blaming Africans for "putting pressure" on Wildlife thus suggesting that Africans remain a threat to Wildlife.The 35-year-old Duke of Cambridge spoke on stage in an event that was meant to advocate for wildlife in London on November 2nd..

The Disney Channel has angered Africans  recently after they introduced a gay storyline to their rather controversial show, Andy Mack for its second season.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the worlds leading abortions financier. It has been the leading enemy of population in Africa through their evil programmes of imposing contraception  and abortion on Africa's teenagers and youth. Their latest prey is Senegal  a country in  West Africa where 92% of her population are Muslims.

More than 300 people were killed by twin bomb explosions in Mogadishu the Capital of Somalia in East Africa.The bomb attacks were the deadliest since Islamist militant group al Shabaab began an insurgency in 2007.

Pro-abortion activists from Marie Stopes visited Archbishop Boniface Lele Secondary School in Mang’elu, Kitui West, and gave out hormonal birth control, incuding the Norplant, a hormone-infused rod used to prevent pregnancy that is inserted under the skin, and which is effective for up to five years. Parents in Kitui county, Kenya, have reacted furiously to this news that representa

Kenya's rugby teams have been notorious in allowing all sorts of immorality during their games. The latest is the institution of 24 hours only "marriages" instituted by a fake priest, a one Mr. Fidel Castro who prides in the ridiculous activity.

Countries in Africa are under international pressure to sign and ratify the very dangerous Maputo Protocol that advocates for compulsory abortion on demand to African women!

The children of Swaziland are in huge danger! An international NGO disguised as the messiah to save children has turned out to be the perpetrator of an evil agenda directed towards innocent children in Swaziland. Save the Children is sexualizing Swazi children!